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Your first massage or other bodywork treatment

For a table massage, including the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, I will leave the room so that you can undress to the extent that you are comfortable, then cover yourself under a sheet or towel.  I will use oil or lotion to work on one area of the body at a time, keeping the rest warmly draped.

For Thai massage and seated/chair massage, your clothes will remain on for the session. Be sure to dress comfortably, or ask for a pair of Thai pants and a t-shirt to change into. As well, people usually do not change out of their clothes to receive craniosacral or energy work, although they do lie on the table under a sheet or blanket. 

To receive a myofascial 3-series you must wear underwear or a bathing suit, as you will have to sit or stand up at various times throughout the session.

If your muscles are healthy, the treatments will feel quite pleasant.  If I am treating an injury or spasms, you will feel some discomfort at first.  It should decrease noticeably after the first few minutes.  Myofascial work ranges from relaxing to very painful. If you are tense and sore but want a relaxation massage only, I will not work so deeply.  Also, craniosacral and energy work are very light, though effective, modalities which rarely cause discomfort at the time of treatment.

After your treatment

It is common to leave a massage or other kind of bodywork session feeling relaxed and energized, and less sore in areas of chronic tension. You might also just feel tired. It is not uncommon to feel unexpected emotions.

Our emotions, memories, muscles and thought patterns are all intricately connected, and reactions to receiving both bodywork and energy work vary from individual to individual and from day to day.  After a session with me, take good care of yourself.  Drink lots of water.  Go for a walk or take a relaxing Epsom salt bath.  Get enough sleep, at least for a night.  Should you have any questions about how you are feeling, you may call me.


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